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Read my story

read my story

I’ve been a clinical nurse, for about 20 years now.  During those years I’ve worked with teenagers in placement, for reasons regarding youth protection, substance abuse, criminal justice, mental health issues, etc.

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Manifest highest -truest-version of self

Results you’ll achieve
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Here are potential people I can help
  • People who think they have missed their life's purpose
  • Those who think they are living a life that does not reflect who they really are
  • People going through developmental crisis
I target to solve these specific challenges
  • Self sabotaging behaviors
  • Fear of happiness
  • Feeling empty or unsatisfied in  life
  • Becoming authentic (removing our social masks)
  • Fear of success or failure
  • The 3 Rs: Rejection, Resentment, Regret



Who I am
  • Life coach and Theta-Healer
  • Clinical nurse with an holistic vision
  • Using knowledge based on neuro  and behavioral science combined with a spiritual outlook.
  • Learning and teaching
  • Neuroscience
  • Quantum physics
  • Personal development
  • Motivational and inspirational public speaking


My Story

The story of Lude Mia

I've been a clinical nurse, for about 20 years now.  During those years I've worked with teenagers in placement, for reasons regarding youth protection, substance abuse, criminal justice, mental health issues, etc.

In the course of my stay at this youth center, I've encountered many disruptive behaviors. As a very curious person, I took it upon myself to identify the reasons why these situations occur.

Luckly, I've managed to realise that these behaviors can indicate symptoms of emotional wounds, such as rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, injustice, etc.

Many  professionals, have stated that those behaviours  are a defense mechanisms used to reduce or prevent psychological suffering. The root cause of their suffering can be conscious or unconscious. In both cases, I've learned that the best way to access them is from the subconscious mind. Usally, most hardships start during their childhood. Some of these behavioral symptoms that I observed are some attachment disorder, oppositional defiance, self-sabotaging, avoidance behaviors, and some delinquent acts.

Just like those teenagers, some of us, adults, even if we have matured, express behaviors that are related to some story that we have come to believe about our self, preventing us to reach our full potential, In those cases, each ‘story’ is a limiting belief.

I, myself, have been fighting my limiting beliefs for a long time. I was living in constant fear, believing the stories my subconscious mind was playing over and over in my head. My limiting beliefs had to do with my self-worth, my academic competence, professionnal performance, my right to love and be loved. Because of my F.E.A.R  (False Evidence Appearing Real ), I used to struggle a lot with my decision making, as there was a constant battle between my mind and my heart. My dilemmas were often amplified by the Christian education I received from my family and the science-oriented education received at the university. 

For as long as I can remember,  I always wanted to connect science and spirituality ( not necessarily religion ). That's why I started my own spiritual journey towards my personal growth,allowing me to build a bridge from my mind to my heart.  Instead of using my fears as an excuse for not exploring my potentials, I use them as a purpous  to help whoever feels stuck between their mind and heart, or those who don’t know that they are. 

To do this work with you, my certification for Life Coaching and Theta-Healing are my biggest tools. Additional background in Philosophy and History  informs me about several cultural diversities. often related to some of those beleifs on a core, genetic and ancestral levels.   Being also passionate about neuropsychology, I learned   different pathways our brain uses to express our  behaviours.

The first step to create that bridge between the mind and the heart would be to developp awarness ( of our self,  envoronnement and circomstances ) to  identify our limiting beliefs in order to change the unfortunate stories that our mind keeps telling us. Eliminating those limiting beliefs would help us establish a heart-mind coherence that can open the door allowing us to achieve what our heart desires.

Always remember: '' Anything your mind can conceive, that your heart can believe, you can achieve ''!


The following are my credentials
  • Certified life coach
  • Bachelor's degree in nursing
  • Art & Science certificate in history & philosophy
  •  Theta-Healing worker
  • Work fields:
    • mental health
    • Health ( youth + adults )
    • Toxicomania
    • Child developpement (0 to 5 y.o )
    • Personal developpement



My process
  • Identifying relational needs  met
  • Identifying living perception for self worth
  • Help creating mindset to feel "Worthy" without compromising integrity
  • Identifying self sabotaging patterns  (from childhood to adult reality)
Potential Results
  • To manifest highest -truest-version of self
  • To finally become the person that you aim to become
  • Feeling self confident
  • Finding purpose through your passions



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